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– Chapter One
Introducing Santa

– Chapter Two
"Take Me Through the Numbers"

– Chapter Three
The Scheming Begins

– Chapter Four
Santa and His Shrink

– Chapter Five
The Doll Factory






New Orleans






- The Divine Right    of Capital

- Pigs at the   Trough


- What It Is

- Why a Santa    Novel?

- Who Benefits

- Secrecy in Santa

Author Bio



About David Soubly


I'm a lifelong Michigan native whose name, despite the collection of vowels, is not French. Actually, it isn't anything other than what an anonymous Ellis Islander heard my Greek grandfather say.  And yes, the "ou" is pronounced "oo," like the French sou, which may be how all the confusion started. My melting pot heritage includes Italian and Polish to go along with the Greek.

Since graduating with a BA (English with Honors)  from Hope College too many years ago, I've worked at a major automobile manufacturer in many different positions, doing everything from procedures writer to budget analyst to pension analyst to computer hardware planner to manager of IT (information technology) projects and people.


My career has allowed me to work with people from product development, finance, IT planning, customer service, parts supply, dealers, development methodology, plant floor, human resources, legal -- you name it.

Some of my assignments have been not just global within discipline (example: develop a worldwide service parts releasing system) but across the enterprise (current assignment: computer incident response manager for the company). So I'm no stranger to the business world, or to how the business world works, both in theory (MBA with Distinction, University of Michigan) and in practice.

Besides business, my life is defined by two major disciplines, writing and music. I've been writing stories and composing music since grade school, and there is ongoing tension between the two, vying as they do for an attention pie that seems ever to shrink.

If you want samples of other material, including earlier writing or piano improvisations, see my personal site -- www.soubly.net  

Santa, CEO, birthed as I watched the corporate world of the eighties and nineties trounce values and trample spirits, brings together both my varied business experience and my lifelong commitment to writing. I couldn't have written this book ten years ago. And ten years ago, maybe it wouldn't have mattered. Now it does.

I hope you'll enjoy the book and the related themes on these pages.  Your feedback is always welcome.

Next projects:

  • The Santa Companion -- How business issues are raised and treated in Santa, CEO.
  • The Miracle Fountain -- How do you know when you've been part of a miracle?
  • Summerdance -- A twelve-year-old's summer journey, with lessons in friendship, family relationships, and truthtelling
  • The Soul Broker -- A wild tale of good vs. evil, with enough role reversals to keep you guessing as to which is which

Stay tuned.

© 2004 David Soubly

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