Santa, CEO -- Santa's global Christmas business collides with Wall Street

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– Chapter One
Introducing Santa

– Chapter Two
"Take Me Through the Numbers"

– Chapter Three
The Scheming Begins

– Chapter Four
Santa and His Shrink

– Chapter Five
The Doll Factory






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- The Divine Right    of Capital

- Pigs at the   Trough


- What It Is

- Why a Santa    Novel?

- Who Benefits

- Secrecy in Santa

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A Big Business Novel for Big Kids Like You

Here's the perfect Christmas gift for that hard-to-buy-for CEO in your life.  This is a big blend of Christmas and business that makes the perfect business gift.  Order here, or visit Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  See 5-star reviews at Amazon!

Santa's global business collides with Wall Street in this clever Christmas satire. Six thousand year-old Santa directs thousands of elves and half-elves involved in manufacturing, distribution and supply base management.  He also oversees thousands of stand-in "santas" working delivery routes using half a million flying reindeer ranched and trained worldwide. Things begin unravelling when ambitious challengers launch a plan to oust Santa from his business, increase production quotas, downsize the organization, and slaughter the reindeer for food -- all in an attempt to improve shareholder value.

If you've ever worked in business, ever been ground down by the sheer monotony of the paperwork jungle, ever shaken your head and wondered why "business ethics" is a term you can't reconcile with your personal experience, you will enjoy this book.

A Story, A Companion Volume, A Tour

The "Santa, CEO" Story

Read the storyline and experience the essence of this page-turning business fable. Part adventure, part farce, but at its heart serious and thoughtful, this book will keep you turning pages to find out what happens next.

The Santa Companion

It's not every novel that has its own nonfiction companion. A work in progress, the Companion explores business themes and issues that form the novel's rich fabric -- themes of special relevance in our Enron-ridden, greedy world today.

Santa CEO, A Business Fable about ethics, business strategy and the meaning of Christmas

Tour Great Cities

Santa, CEO will take you across continents, into large cities and small. London, Gothenburg, Köln, Detroit, New Orleans, Frankenmuth and tiny Posen, Michigan -- all await you in its pages.

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