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Frankenmuth, Michigan

Anyone who's travelled through Michigan's "thumb" area has undoubtedly seen signs for Frankenmuth.  One of the more famous small towns in the state, this little Bavarian jewel is known for two things:  chicken dinners to satisfy the most voracious appetite, and Bronner's.


EATS!  Zehnder's and The Bavarian Inn

Hungry travellers can pull up a chair (or several chairs) at the two mainstay restaurants in town -- Zehnders, or (directly across the street) The Bavarian Inn.  Each of these substantial establishments is well-known for quantities of well-endowed chicken, served family-style with all the trimmings.  Beware of becoming a regular at either of these places (unless you aren't really worried about weight gain, or you're trying to feed a boatload of teenagers).


Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn

In addition to the famous restaurants, the town boasts a number of distinctive shops and amusements that will keep the whole family going. And outside of town, but close enough to be considered part of the "greater Frankenmuth area," are the Birch Run factory outlet shops. (There's also a restaurant along I-75 for those in a hurry or just passing through -- but with the name "Freeway Fritz," it simply hasn't tempted me enough to make me pull over.)

The Fabulous Christmas Store:  Bronner's

But the most famous -- and certainly among the most advertised -- Frankenmuth attraction is Bronner's.  Located at 25 Christmas Lane, Bronner's is arguably the largest store carrying all things Christmas in the world.  Even if you're not thinking about buying anything, just a tour of the place is simply amazing.  Whatever you're looking for in the way of Christmas -- if Bronner's doesn't have it, it probably isn't available anywhere.

Bronner's also is in the running for having the most widely-dispersed set of billboards -- sort of the Hard Rock Cafe of Christmas.  I can't speak for west of the Mississippi, but there are Bronner's boards on I-75 hundreds of miles from Michigan.

Bronner's In Santa, CEO

Yep, Bronner's is in the book.  It's a bit part, a few pages, and without giving the story away, let's just say that the famous store is also an outlet for certain of Santa's (North Pole Industries) merchandise.  You'll encounter Bronner's late in the book.

Pay a Visit!

If you're interested in a pleasant diversion to a great little town, by all means consider Frankenmuth -- especially if you need to get that "special Christmas something" for Uncle Bert.

Follow That Sleigh!

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