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Chapter One
Introducing Santa

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"Take Me Through the Numbers"

Chapter Three
The Scheming Begins

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Santa and His Shrink

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The Doll Factory






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Kln, Germany

Also known as Cologne, this is the city famous for, among other things, sieben und fierzich elf, which, Santa notwithstanding, is not a variation on elves.  It's 4711, Klnischwasser, or cologne.

No, the city isn't named after cologne--it's the other way around.  The city's name is derived from colonia, Latin for "colony."  This is an old city, almost 2,000 years old, in fact, and underneath the rollerbladers and street musicians surrounding the city's signature cathedral (the Dom--more on that in a bit) they're still uncovering that Roman legacy.

The main part of Kln is clustered on the west bank of the storied Rhine River.  What look like charming Altstadt (Old City) buildings bunched in colorful array along the waterfront are really reconstructions of the originals, as much of the riverfront had been levelled during Allied World War II bombing campaigns.

The Dom

Kln's skyline is indeed defined by the Dom--the massive cathedral whose twin spires rise some 500 feet over the Altstadt.  You can climb the southern spire (on the inside, of course!) -- countless hundreds of spiral steps that bring you to a platform some 300 feet up. There, you can share the view with the pigeons that flap through the openings in the cut stone.

The Dom is among the most massive of structures in Europe.  Begun in the thirteenth century, it was a center of work and community, as were most European cathedrals, for hundreds of years.


The Dom in the evening, from the Rhine

Though the structure as we see it was completed in the mid-nineteenth century, a work such as this is never really done.

You may find my poetic experience of the Dom here.

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Notable attractions in and around Kln:

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