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Recommended Reading

Pigs at the Trough -- Arianna Huffington

Gee, Arianna, tell us how you really feel!

This is not a book for the squeamish; but then, books about pigs (with apologies to pig farmers) usually shouldn't be read anywhere near lunch.

It won't take you long to read Pigs at the Trough, partly because of Ms. Huffington's take-you-along-for-a-ride style, and partly because you'll keep turning pages to find out if it'll get any worse.  Not Ms. Huffington's style, by the way.  Nope, it's the stories about Enron, Tyco, WorldCom, and a bunch of other companies whose leadership was obsessed not with how to run the business but how to bleed it of its wealth.

You'll meet a rogue's gallery of arrogant folks, leaders of corporations like these, and others whose model of efficiency and market performance was to cut the workforce in half and see what happens.

Oh, you'll enjoy Pigs.  But you'll also finish it and be hopping around like you've dropped a riches-to-the-rich bowling ball on your toe.  You'll be mad.  And that's just what she wants.

Where Marjorie Kelly is politely outraged in The Divine Right of Capital, Arianna Huffington is, plainly, ticked off.  As the rest of us should be.

Think about it for a minute.  (Shouldn't take any longer, unless you've lost your frontal lobes to music videos or other ADD-enhancing eye drugs -- or you've got porcine blood in you.)

Take the rounding error from the ridiculous "compensation packages" these big kids get and feed homeless folks in a metro soup kitchen for a year.  Better yet, start a program designed to get people who want to work at meaningful stuff connected with the work that could be done anywhere. I'm talking roads, building maintenance, any of the things that people could do to improve their city, take a step back and be proud of the result, and be paid money from states that weren't suffering from their worst fiscal crises in decades, courtesy of our swinish top echelon.


Pig Out!

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Visit Arianna Huffington's Website and hook up with like-minded thinkers, join her Blog, or drop her a line and give your opinion on pigs and Pigs

Visit Crown Publishers and browse their bookshelf

On the Divine Right page, I argued that there are of course two paths to social change: evolution and revolution. If Ms. Kelly is a voice for evolution (perhaps my unjust opinion), Ms. Huffington is definitely a voice for revolution.

Grab a copy of Ms. Huffington's book, either through the links above or through your favorite bookstore, and be prepared for a joyride through the pigsties.


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