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The Divine Right of Capital -- Marjorie Kelly

I had finished writing Santa, CEO and had just published the work, when I happened across Marjorie Kelly's no-holds-barred book, The Divine Right of Capital (Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2001 / 2003).

I can't say enough about Ms. Kelly's terrific work.  Everything that Santa expressed in fiction, Ms. Kelly had clearly articulated in Divine Right.  Perhaps Ms. Kelly's book will change the way you think about business, privilege, and corruption. Or perhaps, like me, you will find yourself nodding, laughing (in what can best be described as angry amusement), or getting up and walking around because the book has made you so damn mad.

Divine Right, like Arianna Huffington's Pigs at the Trough, exposes the excesses of a system gone to privileged pot.  But unlike Pigs, which is a lively (and enraged) torpedo at the various CEO's who've milked our system even beyond indecency, Divine Right explains the origins of this mess with this simple argument:

  • An aristocracy of wealth exists in this country, and our economic system is designed to support and enrich that aristocracy

Pretty simple, when you get down to it--as all great ideas are. You might be tempted to say, "Of course!" and let it go at that.  Feudal America--heard that before.

But Ms. Kelly takes the premise to its limits. In page after page of precise argument, she outlines the root causes of our current corporate imbalance, and she makes it clear that, without fundamental change--using the democratic concepts that founded our country-- we are unlikely to see changes of the type required to restore balance.


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Visit Marjorie Kelly's Website and hook up with like-minded thinkers

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There are of course two paths to social change:  evolution and revolution. Ms. Kelly makes a bold argument for evolution. I fear, however, that one of two paths may be more likely:

  1. We'll be "fed" just enough, as a nation, to keep us comfortable (read "docile") and unwilling to challenge the status quo--especially around elections
  2. Either the system, or we, will hit "critical mass," and there'll be a new "shot heard round the world."

Oh, and don't think the Enron and Tyco stuff is that shot -- or Sarbanes-Oxley, for that matter. Liken that more to how King George (ironic, isn't it?) tried to stave off revolution.

Time will tell.  But in the meantime, get your hands on Ms. Kelly's book, either through the links above or through your favorite bookstore.


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