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– Chapter One
Introducing Santa

– Chapter Two
"Take Me Through the Numbers"

– Chapter Three
The Scheming Begins

– Chapter Four
Santa and His Shrink

– Chapter Five
The Doll Factory






New Orleans






- The Divine Right    of Capital

- Pigs at the   Trough


- What It Is

- Why a Santa    Novel?

- Who Benefits

- Secrecy in Santa

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The "Santa, CEO" Experience

Imagine you're Santa Claus.

Six thousand years old, born from a starcrossed human-elf tryst, and brimming with the magic of Christmas. Towering over your elfin workforce, you symbolize Christmas for them. Through the centuries, wondering people have named you again and again:  Befana. Sinter Klaas. Hagios Nikolaus. Joulupukki.

Now imagine that what had once been a simple elf-and-sleigh operation, a tiny toyshop nestled in the unreachable North, has grown into a sprawling multinational beast. Where once there was Santa, now there are thousands of stand-in human "santas," each flying a delivery route and trying to avoid duck hunters, navy pilots, and weather balloons. Where once there was a single magical reindeer team, now there are half a million flying deer ranched worldwide. Replace the simple toyshop with dozens of factories, the handful of elves with thousands of workers, elves and half-elves, in factories, offices, and far-flung operations. Imagine deals and contracts, mergers and acquisitions, suppliers, goods in and out, aerial shipments and just-in-time deliveries, training and diversity programs, consultants and secret government agents.

Imagine you run the largest gift manufacturing operation in the world.

And it's not working. 

You're consumed by a business you no longer control.

Your decision to take the company public has created a human Board seeking to declaw you. While you're fending off the latest takeover bid and trying to acquire a vulnerable competitor, your company officers have teamed with scheming elves in a plot to dethrone you, to merge your company with Easter Industries, and to dismantle much of your operation in the name of progress and shareholder value.

Your jovial public image belies your private, personal struggle.

You are three personalities: Santa Claus to children everywhere, the Chief to your workforce, and Samuel Claussen, public CEO to business partners and media.

And none of them fit anymore.

Santa CEO, A Business Novel by David Soubly 

Perhaps that's why your wife of centuries abandoned you... a business that's eaten you to the point where neither she nor you can find Santa anymore. Perhaps that's why you no longer connect with the elves you once knew, workers who have increasingly become compartmentalized, marginalized in function and value. Perhaps that's why your programs no longer work, and even your magical reindeer refuse to fly.

You're closer to destruction than you realize.

Imagine all this; imagine, too, a CEO who's lost his way, and you have a hint of what's in store for you in "Santa, CEO."

You will journey with a childhood icon you thought you knew... places you didn't think possible. Your adventure will span continents, invoke magic, and expose both the light of Christmas and the dark that challenges it.

Your image of Santa will be forever altered.

Your perception of business will be shaken.

And while you may laugh at times, you will also be deeply moved by the efforts of those who, despite all odds, struggle to preserve the magic of Christmas.

Told with both humor and high drama, Santa, CEO will take into large cities and small towns, into factories and street carnivals, on jet planes and sleigh rides, on poky work wagons and wild speed-sled chases - a sweeping, swirling ride through a business world out of control, which is itself a reflection of the harried times in which we all live.

This book isn't for everyone.

It's certainly not for the rapid-fire reader content to skim today's complex business issues. But it most certainly is for that reader who tops the newspaper's business section with a dollop of Dilbert, that reader who believes that despite the fractious noise of the daily grind there may yet be deep magic underpinning our frantic world.


© 2004 David Soubly

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